How To Start A Vegetable Garden On Your Apartment’s Balcony

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Vegetable Garden Apartments For Rent Sugar Land, TXHow To Start A Vegetable Garden On Your Apartment’s Balcony

Just because you live in an apartment and don’t have your own yard doesn’t mean you can’t start a vegetable garden.


In fact, it’s quite the craze right now. Look just about anywhere on the internet and you’ll find guides, how-tos and tips on growing vegetables and fruit in small places. I mean, this blog post is on the internet, right?


But you may be sceptical – I mean, c’mon, how much can you actually grow on a small balcony or patio? Maybe some kitchen herbs or a tomato plant?


Well, it depends on your setup and what you’re growing, but you can grow enough to keep you in fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more all season long.


Not only will you be eating produce that you know for a fact is organic, it’s a great hobby that doesn’t require much work for the benefits.


So we’re going to give you the basics on starting your garden setup then send you on your way with all the resources to get you from planting to harvest.


Let’s get started.


First, Claim Your Space


Ok, the title of this piece implies a balcony garden, but that includes a patio. Even if you don’t have either of these amenities, you can grow a small-space garden indoors if you have a spot that gets a decent amount of sun.


After you’ve decided on your spot, check the sun.


How much sun does your spot get? For most fruits and veggies you’re going to need at least 6+ hours of direct sunlight for a healthy harvest. 


So spend some time one day while at home and check on the spot from time to time to see what kind of sun it’s getting. A good idea is to use a compass to get an idea of the sun’s overhead path.


If you’re not getting that much sun, only partial or even shaded, you can choose plants that do well in the shade – there’s plenty of them (there will be a link down below).


After you’ve done this, measure the Length and Width of your spot so you’ll know how much space you're working with. You don’t want to buy pots or planters that are too big. You also need to leave some room for you to work.


You also need to take into account any wall space or rails. Both of these can be used to expand available gardening space.


Second, Choose Your Setup


The easiest and most productive setup for small space gardening (outdoor or indoor) is a container garden – which is just another way to describe growing plants in pots or raised beds.


Just about any type of pot will work. Fabric pots are all the rage right now. See some examples here and here. But any kind of pot will work like these, these and these.


No matter what kind of pot you go with, the most important thing is to buy the right size for what you want to grow. Here’s a guide to pot sizing. Just make sure not to get anything that’ll be too heavy or bulky for you to move – one more reason fabric pots are so popular.


Raised beds and planters are another type of pot that’ll give you more growing area. The Earthbox gets great reviews


But with small spaces, you need to take it a step further by thinking in 3-D and you can do that with vertical gardens. You can either hang it from the wall, use stands or stack pots. Here’s some tips to help out with ideas.


Third, Choose Your Crop


This is by far the best part – deciding what to grow. Of course it’s going to hinge on your local climate and how much sun you get, but you’re going to have lots of options.


This is a list of veggies, herbs and fruits that do well in containers. If you don’t get a lot of sun, choose plants that do well in the shade.


For those who are going to grow indoors here’s a list for you too.


Here’s a planting guide for the Houston area to help you plan your garden and a gardening to-do list month by month.


These three easy steps will help you get your garden started. To take you the rest of the way, here’s a list of resources for nearly everything you’ll need.



All you need now is a little patience, TLC and luck and in no time you’ll be harvesting the fruit of your labors.


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